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Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2
happy hacking keyboard lite 2



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PFU Systems' Happy Hacking Keyboard Features 65 essential keys including "Inverted-T arrow keys" in "half" of a "letter size" paper (11.6" x 4.7") with regular key top size, a consistent tactle feel and reliability. The Plug-n-Play Lite 2 also has two built in USB ports, which allows you to easily plug additinal peripherals into the keyboard.


Key Layouts

happy hacking keyboard lite 2 key layouts
*Notice [diamond key] Key is Windows key on PC and [Command] key on Macintosh
*Red characters on the above are printed on tilt on the key top. You can use the keys by pressing [Fn] Key. By Mode/DIP Switch on back, you can use [Delete] key as [BS] key and exchange [Alt] key into [diamond key] key.


happy hacking keyboard lite 2 backview

The back of the Keyboard has DIP switches built-in to change key codes, Alt, Meta, and Windows Key functionality, and also enable/disable USB downstream ports settings.

DIP SW PS/2 Model USB Model
1 Not used OFF: Downstream ports Enable
ON: Downstream ports Disable
2 Not used
3 OFF: delete = Delete
ON: delete = BS(BackSpace)
4 OFF: alt = Alt, diamond key = diamond*
ON: alt = diamond*, diamond key = Alt


Images (*click for larger view*)

happy hacking keyboard lite 2 top view

happy hacking keyboard lite 2 angle

happy hacking keyboard lite 2 black top view